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Chaparral Transfer Station & Recycling Center

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Residents and commercial businesses in need of solid waste and recycling drop-off services can take their trash and recycling to the Chaparral Collection and Recycling Center. SCSWA does not provide solid waste pick-up services.

Current Service Rates

Disposal Fee Price:

  • Fixed Price 1: $6.19
  • Fixed Price 2: $12.38
  • Per Ton $45.86
  • Tires (18" or less): $3.12 each

Prorated by the actual weight of the waste being disposed of. Tax Not included in above rates. Tax is applicable.

New service rates will become effective on July 1, 2021. View the New Service Rates.

View the SCSWA CCRC Notice English April 2020 Flyer:

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