Las Cruces Recycling Center

SCSWA operates the Recycling Center located at 2855 W Amador, a free recycling drop-off location for residents. Residents are able to recycle their traditional recyclables at the recycling center. In addition to their residential recycling, the Recycling Center offers residents a way to recycle glass, electronics, scrap metal, white goods/appliances such as refrigerators and freezers and to have their household hazardous waste safely disposed of.

We Do Not Buy / Pay for Material

SCSWA does not buy materials. The Recycling Center is a free drop-off facility for residential use only and is not for commercial use.

Residential Recycling and HHW Drop-off / Free

Free drop-off services for residents include household recyclables, glass recycling, scrap metal, HHW, and more. Not for commercial use.

Our Available Drop-off Services Include

  • Residential Recycling
    • Residents are able to recycle their traditional recyclables at the recycling center. This includes the FAB 5 and mixed paper. This service is NOT for commercial/business use!
  • Glass Recycling Drop-off
    • Yellow is the new blue! Glass recycling is a great opportunity for residents to recycle even more! Yellow glass recycling trailers and/or containers are placed at two drop-off locations within the city. Recycle clean and dry, brown, blue, clear, and green glass bottles and jars.
  • Scrap Metal and White Goods Drop-off
    • Residents are welcome to bring scrap metal and white goods, such as refrigerators for free recycling. Refrigerators require certified proof of freon removal or incur a removal fee upon drop-off. We do not pay for any material received.
  • Household Hazardous Waste
    • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is any product that meets one or more of the following characteristics: corrosive, flammable, reactive, explosive, radioactive, toxic, poisonous. SCSWA accepts no more than 5 gallons of HHW per person per day. This service is not for commercial/business use.
  • Electronics (E-Waste) Recycling
    • Data storing electronics are accepted for free recycling drop-off. Data storing items include desktops, laptops, MP3 players, smartphones, etc. Items such as monitors and TVs are no longer accepted for free and will incur a fee for up to 3 units/per household, per day.
  • RECircle It Center
    • The RECircle It Center online reuse and upcycling center. We're giving our residents an opportunity to find creative ways to give new life to materials that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away. Materials will vary and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Recycle Rates

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SCSWA's Las Cruces Recycling Center is open 7-Day a week and offers responsible recycling and waste disposal services for the community.

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