Green / Yard Waste Recycling

Green and yard waste is great for turning into rich, organic, soil amendment, also known as compost.

Green and Yard Waste Disposal Drop Off Locations:Yard Waste and Dead Tree

Foothills Clean Fill Landfill and Recycling Center Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday: 8 am to 4 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 3 pm
Sundays: Closed

Green / Yard Waste Drop-off for Commercial and Residential Use

Commercial businesses and residents (city and county) can bring their green and yard waste to the Transfer Station located at 2865 W Amador. Disposal fees are applicable.

Safety Guidelines for Green/Yard Waste Recycling and or Disposal

Tree limbs may not exceed 5-feet in length or 5-inches in diameter. Palm trees must be less than 2-feet in length and diameter. This length and diameter make it easier for everyone: residents can get the heavy pieces of the trunk into their truck beds...and we can chip it without damaging our machinery.

  • For yuccas please call Las Cruces Solid Waste Utilities 575-528-3700 ahead of time for a case-by-case evaluation to determine the best way to dispose of this material while being mindful of the equipment.
  • No dirt please, this includes sod, dirt root balls on plants, and dirt in raked material. Dirt and rock are damaging to the chipper.
  • Please take yard waste and tree leaves OUT of plastic bags, and dump in the pile at the Old Foothills Landfill.
  • No trash in the yard wasted. This includes paper and plastics. Please check for any tools you may have left behind.

Where to Get Free Compost

Green and yard waste is chipped, ground up, piled up, watered, and left to "cook" in the sun for several months to destroy weeds. The result is nutrient-rich and organic compost. The compost mulch is available for free to CITY residents. Composted mulch is very useful in dust abatement and erosion control. It also provides great ground cover to hold moisture longer, which in turn helps to conserve water and promote re-vegetation.

For more information on free compost and green and yard waste recycling visit the City of Las Cruces or call 575-528-3700.