Glass Recycling

Yellow is the new blue! Glass recycling is a great opportunity for residents to recycle even more! Yellow glass recycling trailers are placed at two drop-off locations within the city. For the locations of the drop off locations please view the resource directory.

Residents are encouraged to bring their clean and dry, glass bottles and jars for recycling. SCSWA processes the collected glass and makes the recycled glass product available for residents to use for free.

Recycling Glass Steps

  1. Collect your glass bottles and jars. Glass should be cleaned and dried with lids removed.
  2. Take your glass items to either of the two drop-off locations.
  3. Sort and recycle your glass items by color. The trailers have color-coded compartments.

What Kind of Glass That Can Be Recycled

  • Amber/brown glass bottles and jar.
  • Blue glass bottles and jars.
  • Clear/transparent bottles and jars.
  • Green glass bottles and jars.

Please remove lids before recycling.

What Glass Can't Be Recycled

  • Vases
  • Drinking cups and plates
  • Window glass/panes
  • Pyrex
  • Light bulbs
  • Test tubes

Do not place glass in blue carts/bins.

A Word About Broken Glass

Although glass is crushed during the recycling process, broken glass should never be placed in recycling containers. Broken glass poses a safety hazard for haulers, workers at the recycling facility, and to you. Broken glass is also difficult to sort due to the small and varying sizes of each piece. Please do not try to recycle broken glass.

How Does SCSWA Process Glass

For more information on how SCSWA processes glass please watch this glass processing video (MP4).

Glass Trailer
Glass Recycling Trailer
Glass ready for recycling
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