Recycle Right

Oops Instructions

Other Items That Can't Be Recycled, but Have Other Disposal Options

Glass Recycling is available to both City of Las Cruces Residents and Doña Ana County residents via SCSWA drop-off service. Residents can bring sorted glass bottles and jars ONLY to the yellow recycling containers located at the following locations:

Hazardous/Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling can be dropped for safe disposal at the Las Cruces Recycling Center and is accepted for drop-off at eight County Collection Centers information. Visit our Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling pages for more details.

Yard Waste can be recycled at the City of Las Cruces Cleanfill or disposed of at the SCSWA Amador Avenue Trash Transfer Station. Disposal fees are applicable. County residents can dispose of yard waste at any of the eight. County Collection Centers (disposal fees are applicable)

Medical Waste/SHARPS are NOT accepted in recycling containers. Medical waste is NOT accepted at SCSWA facilities. Please contact the New Mexico Department Health at 575-528-5000 for more information on how to safely dispose of medical waste.

SCSWA Do Not Bag Recyclables