Recycling at Memorial Medical Center

Panoramic photograph of Memorial Medical Center west side entrance November 2016 Las Cruces NM
MMC Poster 2017

Memorial Medical Center (MMC), with the help of SCSWA, will launch a new recycling initiative in June 2017. MMC will expand its recycling effort to a full-scale institutional recycling program. Now hospital staff and physicians will have access to recycling in their work stations, labs, and break rooms/lounge areas. In addition to increasing access to recycling for hospital staff, the new and improved recycling program will include access to recycling in the cafeteria and in some lobby areas and waiting rooms.

The largest waste stream in hospitals is solid waste, which covers specialty waste such as regulated medical waste, confidential waste, and hazardous waste. However, much of the waste generated in hospitals also includes material that can be recycled. Common composition of recyclables generated in hospitals include: 54% paper and cardboard, 18% organics (food and landscaping waste),15% plastics, 3% metals, 2% glass.

Through this new and improved recycling program, MMC hopes to divert as much of its materials to recycling as possible.

Recycling Basics for Memorial Medical Center

For more information on MMC's recycling program and what can be recycled, please view the MMC Recycling Presentation July 2017: